Let us love one another

When someone joins St. John’s, we gift them a basin and towel, a sign that – as Jesus washed his disciples’ feet – so we seek to love and serve one another and our neighbors. We have many groups that serve particular needs, but the common denominator of them all is to foster meaningful, caring relationships in the community.

The Welcome and Inclusion team helps integrate new people into the community, fostering relationships and ministries that meet them where they are.

The Hospitality team sponsors food-based events throughout the year, including coffee after each service, a monthly Ladies Night Out gathering, seasonal meals and potlucks.

Staying Connected “brings the church” – through Eucharist, visits, and gifts – to homebound seniors who can no longer attend services. 

Pastoral Care and Grief Support are available as needed, through our priest and trained members of the parish.

We host a weekly Gig Harbor wide Dementia Care Givers’ Support Group (Mondays, 1 pm)

A member of the Safety Task Force is present at each Sunday Eucharist to provide leadership in the event of a medical emergency, fire or earthquake, or active assailant.